Pinch Valves

Careful design and the use of quality materials assure a long useful life of the "Open Frame Pinch Valve". The straight through type passage of the pinch valve ensures minimum restriction when the valve is open, this giving maximum flow to even the densest fluids. There are two lengths of body available for the 200 diameter and above. Flanges are drilled to BS, SANS or ISO specification to suit customer requirements. The sleeve, which is made from raw materials to suit the fluids handled, is available in the working pressure range from 600kPa(6 Bar) to 2500kPa (25Bar). The frame can be supplied in either a full mild steel or stainless steel construction dependent on the environmental conditions and type of fluid being.

Pinch Valve

Performance and applications:

The excellent flow characteristics achieved with our "pinch" valve ensure trouble-free performance even when handling thick fluids such as sludge’s and slurries. This proven system of controlling fluids together with the simple robust construction makes for minimum downtime. Designed to ease of maintenance, the sleeve is replaceable on site.

The Sleeve is the only component that comes into contact with the medium being transported. It is heat/pressure molded from flexible natural or synthetic rubber type materials in layers with inter-layer reinforcement to provide strength/pressure resistance and stability.

Working pressure ratings of up to 2500kPa are available. We would not recommend that the Open Frame Pinch valve be used in areas where delicate equipment or personnel could be exposed to corrosive fluids in the unlikely event to sleeve failure. The "Closed frame pinch valve" would better suite such applications.

Electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and or manually operated gearbox assisted actuation of our pinch valve is available dependent on application and pressure rating.

The open frame pinch vale has a wide range of application in industry. The can vary from acids to food-stuffs, antibiotics to effluents and commercial vacuum duties.

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