Electrical Switchgear & Panels

The main task of medium-voltage switchgear is cost-efficient and safe power distribution. Kuplak Minerals offer world-class primary and secondary distribution switchgear solutions based on a choice of air or gas insulated equipment to suit every application. Our Switchgear product range includes both Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear. 


Indoor Switchgear Products:

  • 12 kV medium voltage Air Insulated Switchgear
  • 24kV medium voltage Air insulated Switchgear
  • 12-36kV medium voltage Gas insulated Switchgear
  • 72.5 and 132kV Gas insulated Switchgear
  • LV Switchgear panels

Outdoor Switchgear Products:

  • Vacuum circuit breaker/current transformer unit, 36kV
  • HV and UHV Gas insulated Switchgear
  • HV mixed technology Switchgear
  • Current and voltage transformers up to and incl 220kV, either oil & paper or SF6 and cast resin
  • Disconnectors and Earthing Switches up to and incl 220kV
  • Life tank circuit breakers up to and incl 132kV
  • Surge arrestors up to and incl 220kV

OEM Brand names have been used for reference purposes only, and are not products or brands marketed by Kuplak Minerals Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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